The Festival will be held at The Clophill Centre.

Address: The Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, Beds. MK45 4BT

The Centre was established in 2001 by Richard and Katarina Diss. The aim was to provide a location where like-minded people could gather to practice complementary medicine in a spacious, light and agreeable setting with views over open countryside. On this 14 acre site there is a rich wealth of possibility for connections to be made with nature.

The emphasis is very much on harmonising and balancing the energies of both those who visit the centre and the farm on which the centre is situated. To this end there has been a lot of work carried out over the years including earth acupuncture, crystals and feng shui quite apart from extensive landscaping and tree planting. The result is delightful.

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